Frequently Asked Questions

How do we trust you?

Well, no matter what we write to convince you, you will still have to hold your breath and make that final leap of faith. But you can always check our Facebook page, Instagram page and see real customer reviews and decide for yourself. See you on the other side of the “Faith river” 😉

How do we trust if our payment is safe?

Paypal is the best there is to protect your money. You can always raise a query and get your money in case of any concern.

What are the general shipping charges?

Mostly, it is FREE to all countries worldwide. So go ahead and make that carefree purchase.

Can I cancel an order?

Well, you can cancel before it is shipped without hurting anybody. However, please note that, once the product is shipped, we stand to lose a lot of money. Although you can cancel it, we request you to consider the pain factor for us that is involved.

What if the product arrives broken, a different product arrives or there is some concern?

We always provide Refunds in case of issues with the product. Do send across the image of the product to help@themerchantice.com and we will take it up from there.

What is the general shipping and delivery time?

We try our best to deliver the product at the earliest. However, owing to COVID-19, some of our deliveries to get delayed. 

The average shipping and delivery time is somewhere between 5-40 days based on what warehouse we are shipping from. The individual product has more details.

Where do you ship your products from?

We ship our products from multiple warehouses across the world. US, Russia, Spain, India and China is where we primarily ship from.

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